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The Pisces New Moon signals a time of introspection. Perceptive Mercury goes retrograde on the 5th and a reflective quality encompasses the entire month of March. Focus will clarify the next steps on your path. Reflect a few weeks back, and realize this full moon perspective is moving you closer to […]. November 16th, we begin a three-week exploration. Mercury retrograde in adventurous Sagittarius is concerned with learning. Think deeper — Sagittarius is the philosopher, the gypsy spirit. That combination conjures up visions that challenge beliefs. What would create more freedom in your life?

Having faith is challenging. Holding two thoughts at the same time is equally challenging.

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Lean in to optimism. Learning to trust is a big part of the equation.

Just one day before the July 27th Eclipse there is a Mercury retrograde that lingers through August 18th. I get images of and ostrich. And remember peace love and light is always around if you allow it in. This energy is over the top for me.. Rebecca says:. What was it about Friday?

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Astrology of the Partial Solar Eclipse Feb 15 2018

A shocking course correction here too that seems too much to handle. Deirdre says:. How does one determine what house the eclipse deals with within their birth chart? I have some ideas of what this might mean for me but am interested in learning how to interpret what house the eclipse falls in, as Simone butler describes in her contribution to this article.


I thank goodness for the new coming of age in me that the new moon will bring. May I ask you to clarify this paragraph please. Do you mean that we can no longer pretend that differencea between who we are and who another is do not exist? My birthday was the 26th. Are the powers of the moon even stronger if it falls on ones birthday? So on point, shocked to find my feelings described here so accurately and the reason for the surge of anxiety … been dealing with a bug decision — what my heart wants but my head was holding me back.

The indecision was haunting me the whole weekend. Hi there! Will you be posting astral insights for the upcoming full moon?

Claire says:. Click here to cancel reply. All Rights Reserved. Shop Info Privacy. And inside the darkness, an immense power of what is here in the Earth and still raging can be felt and harnessed. Althausen says: Feb 25, Reply.

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The solar eclipse on 26 February is at 8 degrees Pisces — not at 9 degrees. I Me says: Feb 26, Reply. Toni says: Feb 26, Reply. Bernadette says: Feb 25, Reply. Catalina says: Feb 27, Reply. EJay says: Feb 25, Reply. Lillian says: Feb 25, Reply. Very interesting…another wild ride. I am a Pisces! Gladys says: Feb 27, Reply. Violet says: Feb 25, Reply. Celondelon says: Feb 25, Reply. Luz Change says: Feb 26, Reply.

Sabrina says: Feb 26, Reply. Me too Celondelon!

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Same here :. Naira says: Feb 28, Reply. Yup sameeee. Meg says: Feb 25, Reply. The words I have just read resonate loudly with the intuition within. Thank you Mystic Mama! Grab that mane and ride! Igwee says: Feb 26, Reply. Oluwayomi says: Feb 26, Reply. Rose says: Feb 26, Reply.

Michelle says: Feb 26, Reply. How do I find out where it lies in my own chart? Kimberly says: Feb 26, Reply. Marianna says: Feb 26, Reply.

Also curious how to find out… :. Arriel says: Mar 2, Reply. Thank you. LaLee Bee says: Feb 26, Reply. Warmest appreciation love and thanks deep work to do …. Alex says: Feb 26, Reply. Claire says: Feb 26, Reply. Serena says: Feb 26, Reply. Manisha says: Feb 26, Reply.