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The date that a zodiac constellation changes from one sign to the next differs from year to year. Usually there is a cusp period of five days for each change over. For example, the changeover from Aries to Taurus during occurs on the 21st of April, whereas in the changeover will happen on the 20th of April. If a person is born on the 21st of April then an astrologer would need to know what time that person was born and what time the sign changeover occurred.

Rightly named, people born on this cusp have a hard time deciding what to feel.

Because unfortunately, they feel every emotion in the most intense way. For them, keeping their mood in check is a herculean task. But everything said and done, the oscillators are loving and caring people.

With Leo and Virgo being completely opposite signs - like the cusp of oscillation - they can have a hard time dealing with their emotions. They're industrious folks, but they do have an element of secrecy which makes other people wary of them. Everything beautiful, be it people or things, attracts them.

They easily lose themselves into the appeal of a certain something that they fancy. But with Virgo's practicality, they somehow manage to keep their sanity.

The Sun's Cusp in Astrology

They're an observant lot with a charismatic personality. So if you find yourself being drawn to one, just give in. They are sexual, intelligent and powerful.

All about compatible Zodiac Signs

And so much that other people can find it hard to handle a cusper of this sign. They have an intense drive and can prove to be great leaders once they learn how to make peace with their flaws.

Ask Kevin: Signs and House Cusps

The people on this cusp just need to let themselves breathe a little. Rebels at heart, they go guns blazing when things fall apart. They're unconventional, erratic, some may even say, fearless.

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But against popular notions, they do have an insane sense of humour. They're non-judgmental which makes them privy to many a conversation. However, they're unforgiving when it comes to other people's shortcomings and mistakes. These characteristics are dissimilar to the signs adjacent to the right and left. A body being in one sign or another was the definitive characteristic. Thousands of years have gone into figuring out what makes the signs different from each other in terms of how things change and come to be here on Earth. The signs are like realms, or states of being, that the planetary bodies move through.

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  • The Ascendant's Cusp.
  • Think of it like this: each new sign is like a new room in a museum. One room may have a collection of brightly colored abstract paintings, and the next, vintage wood carvings. Kindergarten metaphors.

    Things You Should Know About Horoscope Cusp

    So, not only is the idea of the sign cusp being an ambiguous place not accurate, but it actually fails to address some VERY important conditions that being in a cusp placement brings with it. First of all, the ingress in astrology, the transition of a planetary body from one sign to the next from one sign to another is a pretty important event.

    For the Sun, it happens 12 times a year. There are also countless studies of past ingresses where astrologers point out worldly events that happen at ingress points. Some folks prepare for months or years for the shift. People count it down, and take note of how things change.

    There Is No Such Thing As a Cusp Sign

    Some astrologers got into astrology after realizing that major life events happened to them at exact ingresses. Really weird stuff can happen. This is also beyond the scope of this article. You leave the old behind, and begin new. The ingresses are also important because each planet has a different relationship with each of the signs.

    This is not an ambiguous placement.

    R29 Original Series

    In fact, you could say that the first and last pages are the most important, and define the book for what it is. As for myself, I have my Moon in a critical degree: the 29th, or anaretic degree, of Aries. So, I have a very personal experiential understanding of what it means to be in a critical degree. Imagine a roller coaster — the critical degrees are the moments right before, and right after, the peak. In the same vein, those in the first degrees of a sign are venturing into new territory, having been there and done that with the previous sign, and now beginning a new challenge.

    As I mentioned before, there are many different house systems, and they all have different ways of calculating where the houses begin and end. So, you may have a planet in one house in one system, but in the next house in another system, and in another house in another system. All are valid, and even amongst long-time astrologers there seems to be no universal consensus as to which system is best. Anyway, if you check your chart on astro. I hope that this examination was helpful to you, dear reader.

    August 22 Zodiac Cusp

    Thank you, and be well. Avelar and Ribeiro. Web Forum Post. Hand, Robert. Facebook post. Artist, Astrologer, Traveler, Writer, Activist. View more posts. In a situation without computers or books, as long as the memory of the Solar Degree is maintained, using Whole, Equal, or Vehlow, then Porphyry after establishing a Solstice point, right? All of the other systems are too complicated to use without certain technologies. Then again I have not learnt Astrolabe yet.

    Thanks, Quilless! I would add, since you mention the Greeks, that European astrology is actually cued by the Spring Equinox, not really by a band in the Sky.