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However, this book points the way towards a regeneration through the meeting of astrology and phychotherapy. Through hypnosis, past-life material can be incorporated to reveal an even greater and deeper understanding of planetary patterns and symbols. But no outer union can ever truly fulfil us unless we have become complete within ourselves.

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More and more people are being presented with relationships that call upon them to find reserves they never knew they had. And this can be perceived on the collective level as well as the personal. On the one hand, there are some magnificent unions being forged between East and West, and on the other, the potential for a third world war has rarely been greater. In this book, Penny Thornton explores the reasons for these powerful changes from a spiritual and astrological perspective.

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She sees it as a transition stage to the New Age. The book spans a wide and varied territory, from the prophecies for the end of the millenium to the way that individuals are being transformed, especially through relationships. These changes are both influenced by, and altering the perception of, the outer planets as agents of transformation.

3. Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations. - Part 1

Unless we undergo this transformation through opening our hearts and expanding our consciousness, we cannot enter fully into the New Age. This is essential not only on a personal level, but collectively — for the survival of humanity. Astrolutely Fabulous! My books, articles and the Newsletter.

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Add to cart. With Love From Diana. Why Diana was certain she would never become Queen and Charles would never be King - and how their astrological charts confirmed this prediction. Why Charles never gave up on his love for Camilla Parker-Bowles - even on the night before his wedding. Why bride Diana wanted to "turn around" half way down the aisle.

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When Penny first warned Princess Di to be careful whom she trusted How the lunar eclipses of led Penny to see the final breakup of the marriage and the disastrous fire at Windsor Castle. Order Now. A Comprehensive Guide to the Astrology of Relationships. Synastry — The Astrology of Relationships. Suns and Lovers.

It's one of my essentials! Want to understand what astrologers mean when they talk about "houses" and "zones," or what those different pie pieces of your chart are?

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Gordon says this is a definitive guide. The writing is stellar and these descriptions will stay with you throughout your studies. This book is ideal for an advanced beginner or intermediate student of astrology. Going through a Saturn Return?

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But it can definitely be confronting, so be prepared to analyze and reflect! She has been an ardent advocate of the feminine in astrology, by writing books and teaching about the use of asteroid goddesses. Type keyword s to search. Temi Oyelola. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Bantam Books amazon.

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Brand: Destiny Books amazon. Brand: Weiser Books amazon. Brand: Nicolas-Hays, Inc. More From Astrology. How Real Is Zodiac Compatibility?