Horoscope 21 december 2019 libra

There is a definite change happening in your love life this month, Libra. A Full Moon in your 7th House of Partnerships on October 13 will help you clear the air with your mate if things have been tense lately. Or, it's possible that you'll decide it's time to walk away from this connection because you've done everything possible to make things work. The problem?

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It's domestic, of course. This has been the sticking point in your relationship for far too long.

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One of you might be tired and no longer willing to put work into the relationship. Financial matters are also a key theme in October with radical changes happening at every turn.

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Venus moves into your earned income sector on October 8, opening up a window until November 1 of enhanced cash flow. A New Moon in the same area of your chart on October 27 adds to the promise of money flowing your way. The problem this time?

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Uranus will oppose both of these events, making it likely that you'll make money, but it will slip through your fingers just as fast. Libra's keywords for October: parting ways, emotional, breakup, breakthrough, cash, unexpected money, unexpected expenses, increased income. VivaSatire: President Trump responded that he always tells the truth, as he sees it in his mind Illustration by Amanda Lanzone.

Sagittarius is a gregarious, free-spirited, and blunt fire sign—and Sag season finds you running around your neighborhood, networking, shaking hands, signing papers, and sharing ideas. A warning: Avoid signing contracts, because the terms may need to change!

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Mercury retrograde enters Scorpio on December 1, activating the financial sector of your chart, so money and being wise about your budget is your special focus early this month! Avoid making big or important purchases, if you can. That said, something you lost long ago may be rediscovered—like your favorite ring in a couch cushion!

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After this autumn's retrograde, your ruling planet Venus reenters Scorpio on December 2, finding you moving forward with issues concerning money, and on a deeper level, self-worth. The new moon in Sagittarius arrives on December 7, bringing a new perspective your way.

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A fresh start around communication is here, so be on the lookout for some news! However, this new moon does have some tricky energy, since Mars and Neptune meet in the sky on the same day, finding your head in the clouds and feeling sluggish around getting any work done. Action planet Mars connects with power planet Pluto on December 17, helping you break patterns and habits that no longer serve you.