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I use equal houses because of the issues with other house systems so I never use intercepted signs. Similarly with planets that sit at the very edge of a house, I only interpret them for the house they are actually in however close to the cusp of the next house they are. Thanks, Leah — I can definitely see the beauty of equal houses! It drives me mad! Hi, i enjoy reading, thanx for posting.

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But also must say that i am born on cusp and i am so special : Ya, and my venus is also in TWO houses- i told u: sooooo special :. I have cap rising with intercepted aquarius. This explanation of behind the scenes with the actual cusp sign as PR makes more sense. Technically she is a Scorpio, though a couple of hour later and she would be a Saggitarius! Some feel that planets in intercepted signs may suffer from the same disadvantage.

Zane Stein, on the other hand, has written that planets in intercepted signs are actually more powerful but that we might be less consciously aware of how to use them. Thank you!

I apologize, i had forgotten i had posed my question on your site. I returned to the book and reread with more attention and focus on simply receiving her wisdom-not looking for my answer. On a side note, thank you for the article on being a stranger in your own home. My skin is not my own, as frank Herbert also assured me.

Again, thank you, thank you for your attention. I think it probably means that people initially experience you as a Taurus, but very quickly encounter Gemini and probably get a little confused. Hey…Something has been bugging me. So on my 6th house I have Sagittarius 1. Always felt I wanted to tell my Sagittarius friends what to do than to bond with them. Or a work related thing.

But I was wondering if it does have an effect on our relationship that makes it seem like work rather than a relationship.

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I hope that helps…. Sorry if i had the wording kinda weird, i just learned about this. My birth chart has one signs skipped and others repeated. That would most likely put scorpio out of my houses. I am still confused how one can deny energy influences being born on a cusp between Sun Signs, except cusp of houses…… I believe that the energy influences on a cusp makes sense. For example I am on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn. Although my sun sign is Capricorn I definitely resemble and relate to Sagittarius more so than Capricorn.

The Myth and Magic of ‘Interceptions’ | The 11th House

I have other friends that are Taurus. My Aries Taurus cusp friend is very much both Aries and Taurus. Also, the ruling planet of the sign adjoining your Sun might be prominently placed in the chart, or that sign might be rising or on another angle of your chart. I had a full chart reading done and I came away a little confused.

I have sun in the 12th house in cancer with leo rising. The astrologer said I had an intercepted chart? Did she mean my sun was intercepted? I think i need a new reading to better understand these placements. Hi Jen. I suppose those interpretations of the Sun intercepted could apply to some people, though many other factors in the birth chart could negate them.

I have my Uranus in the 1st house and I think its in the 28 degree…which would put it really close to my second house……. When a planet is in one house but within a few degrees of another, many astrologers interpret it as being in the next house. I'm your host, astrologer and author April Elliott Kent. I write books and essays, teach astrology, and talk to people about their lives.

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  • Donations gratefully accepted. Cusps and Signs Part of the problem is the term cusp. Signs, degrees, and house cusps Think of the chart wheel as a big ribbon with all degrees of the zodiac lining the inside like dots on wallpaper. Using house cusps Some astrologers feel that when a planet falls within a certain number of degrees of a house cusp, it makes its presence felt in both the houses that flank that cusp.

    The rest of the house cusps are a convenient fiction that give astrologers something to fight about over drinks. They express themselves in a more indirect and subtle way, using the sign on the cusp as a PR agent. Planets close to a house cusp may be interpreted as being in either or both houses. Questions about cusps or interceptions?

    No tags. Next post Uranus in Aries: Shock to the System. April March 9, Maria March 8, L Michaels March 9, Merryweather March 9, April March 11, Maria Alexander March 9, Therefore Saturn's position in the chart will exert influence in relation to the 6th house as well He would have discovered, for example, that the tiny fragment of Capricorn in the 6th the last 11 degrees has no significant effect, at least, so far as the 6th is concerned.

    But he also would have been writing actual delineations, which, from the books of his that I've looked at, he rarely attempts. Sagittarius, for example, is first of all about enthusiasm. Or tries to, as Mars, debilitated in Taurus, hammers ceaselessly on frontal attack: You must like this new dish!

    A flaw which Jupiter, only one degree away, magnifies to Elliot's detriment. Howard uses this as an example of how to read an empty house. To me, Elliot's chart is more interesting for the mutual reception between Mars, in Taurus, and Venus, in Aries. Watch out for mutual receptions between those two! In sum, this book reminds me of Dane Rudhyar, in that you will find all manner of things, many of them useful, if you read the book through. Flare Publications, pages. What's it all about? House systems 2.

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    • Getting started 3. Polarity of the signs 4. Duplicated signs or intercepted houses 6. Are you out of your element? Planets in intercepted signs 8. Relocation charts Environment vs: destiny charts Interceptions in review Retrograde planets: Your hidden powers Introduction to retrograde planets How planets retrograde The retrograde dilemma Eight stages of cyclic unfoldment The planets: Mercury - Mercury's retrograde transit Venus - Venus' retrograde transit Trans-Earth planets Mars - Mars' retrograde transit Jupiter Saturn Collective planets Uranus Neptune Pluto - Retrograde transit of trans-personal planets Progressions Conclusion Appendix: Retrograde ephemeris, Comment : December, A customer brought this book to my attention a few days ago.

      Here are my notes on intercepted signs: My view of intercepted signs is that they are house-based. You have one way of dealing with the house from the sign on the cusp. You are then unaware you have two different ways of dealing with matters of that pair of houses. Wickenburg is grasping: However, when signs are intercepted, instead of providing constructive feedback and encouraging you to investigate the needs of your intercepted signs The environment simply does not see, or understand, the degree of complexity involved with finding fulfillment in the areas of life shown by the houses containing intercepted signs.

      Due to lack of encouragement, feedback or role models offered by the outside world, the needs of these signs are often hidden until later in life when some crisis brought on by transits brings them to the surface. This is a nice idea, but only half thought through. She's saying that a house with an intercepted sign inside it won't work all that well, and I agree.

      She then says affairs of this house will be ignored, and here I disagree. There are only twelve houses. Intercepted signs come in pairs. One of them might possibly be ignored. One of them cannot be. All you need do is consider the six possible pairs. Try to ignore the first! It may be that one is unaware of the difficulties with the intercepted sign until it is touched off by some transit, but it may also be the intercepted sign is a long-running sore that never quite goes away.

      I do not think that resolution of this problem waits until one is 50 or The problem is solved much earlier, but awareness of that solution may not come until much, much later. Saturn sits in Libra, Jupiter in Aries. I was aware of 5th house problems, I was aware of a Saturnian influence in it, before I was Decades before I knew anything about Saturn or astrology. My first efforts to work with the sign on the cusp of 5, Virgo, did not happen until I was in my 40's.

      I did not become aware of the true situation, ie, the dual nature of the house, until my 50's. I have still not figured out what is going on with Aries in Wickenburg's notes on intercepted houses pgs. Read his book on the self-employed astrologer. In my case, the ruler, the Moon, is in opposition to the Sun, which disposes it. Wickenburg's retrograde theory is that the first of the two signs a planet rules is its primary.

      The second is its "retrograde" position. Mercury is naturally Gemini. When it is retrograde, it functions more like Virgo. Saturn is just fine as far as Capricorn is concerned, but if you have it retrogarde, you have to deal with Aquarian issues. Uranus, when direct, functions like Aquarius. When retrograde, like Capricorn.

      Would this not make Uranus the higher octave of Saturn? Direct Neptune is Piscean, retrograde, Sagittarian. Direct Pluto is Scorpionic. Retrograde, Pluto functions in an Aries fashion. This is a novel theory. The author covers the eight stages of retrograde. Which are: 1. Solar conjunction superior to retrograde zone 2. Pre-retrograde to retrograde station 3. Retrograde station 4. First half of retrograde phase 5. Second half of retrograde phase 7. Stationary direct 8. Stationary direct to solar superior conjunction pg. All of which will help you to focus more clearly on retrogrades.

      AFA, pages, paper. The further your birth from the equator, the more common this becomes. This excellent new book examines this in detail. AFA, paper. Then, after a few days or weeks have passed, favorable news is heard regarding a family member or friend. If the individual were to reexamine the natal chart and correctly apply the transiting aspect to its proper house, it would be viewed with a different perspective. Ie, synastric use of transiting planets in houses. If you never thought to ask yourself this, well, maybe you should. This is due to the many aspects that the slower planets are likely to receive during their prolonged stay in one house.

      Using transiting Neptune in Sagittarius as an example, suppose it were transiting through your second house of money. To a certain extent Neptune will have an illusive effect on finances during its fourteen year stay in 5the second house. On the positive side, Neptune will introduce a new and unique way of earning money. You may, for one reason or another, have to keep personal finances a secret.

      To determine the illusive energy of Neptune's affect on the rest of the chart: First, determine which individuals are governed by each house. Second, find the section of each chapter entitled, "Your second house is their For example, after reading the ninth house section, one notes that in-laws and grandchildren are listed.

      It is possible that Neptune's stay in your second house will bring into view an illusion that is difficult to diagnose or a hospital stay for either or perhaps both of these individuals. AFA, paper, 74 pages.

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      In each chapter, wheel symbols graphically show the seventeen different house relationships delineated for each planet. Finally, Pelletier delineates the Sun-Moon polarities in terms of the wheel of houses The introductory material includes a discussion of such topics as hemispheres and quadrants, empty houses, planets transiting houses, the planetary ruler of the sign on the cusp of a house, direct and retrograde planets in houses, and the meaning of houses in circumstances, character and purpose in life.

      Here is the author's explanation of how houses work: The ruler of the house - the planet ruling the sign on the house cusp - has authority over the affairs of that house, whether the house is empty or occupied, and is an active extension on those affairs. Since each planet rules one or two houses, the affairs of the ruled house are necessarily implicated in the affairs of the house occupied by the planets. If a planet is not in the house it rules, it must adapt to the circumstances of the house it is in, which modifies what it can do. For example, if the Sun is in the twelfth house, the solar energy is modified, and the individual must make certain adjustments in his or her self-expression.

      If the Sun is the ruler of the seventh house, then a person's self-expression relates to the welfare of others. The more planets that there are in one house, the more complex are the circumstances. On the other hand, when there are no planets in a house, the circumstances represented by that house require less direct attention than the areas of activity indicated by the houses that do contain planets. The affairs of the unoccupied houses are woven into those of the occupied houses through the planets ruling the empty houses.

      Any activity that relates to an unoccupied house is integrated into the activity of the house in which the ruler is located. Which is why I never understood the book, and maybe why nobody else ever has, either. The first problem is that planets do not rule houses, they rule signs. This is fundamental. A planet does not adapt to the house it is in, as much as it dominates the house s that bear the sign s which it rules.

      It dominates by means of the sign primary and house secondary in which the ruler is placed. By means of its rulership, it displaces whatever planets may be in the house s it rules. In the case of stelliums, the affairs of the houses ruled by the stellium are dominated by the sign primary and house secondary where the rulers are located. Which is why stelliums are so powerful. Most of the chart can find itself wrapped into a single house.

      Ask Kevin: Intercepted Signs

      That can be intense. If this is a female nativity, her husband or partner works Capricorn quietly behind the scenes 12th , as the Sun in a female chart represents the men in her life. Perhaps she rescues him from institutional life, or maybe she joins him there. Let keywords be your guide. Shuffle them about until they make a story. But you want to hear it from Pelletier. So be it. From Seventh House Sequence: Pluto: 2nd to the 6th: You generally know how to convince people of your skills, and you have the promotional ability to win their patronage for your services.

      But remember that without customers, you're out of business, so be sure to give them everything they pay for. February, I had a look at the Sun-Moon polarities. Each chapter ends with Sun in that house, Moon in each of the other houses. So I looked up mine, Sun in 9, Moon in 3.

      Here is what I read. Pelletier is in italics , my comments are in regular type: Your faith in your ability to succeed is a strong point in your favor. Cadent houses are the least likely to succeed. Anxiety would be an aspect from Saturn. Not an opposition from the Moon, as oppositions are always objective, ie, certain. Squares can produce anxiety. Opportunity comes from angular houses, not cadent ones. Cadent houses get dragged willy-nilly.

      Consequently you strive to improve your qualifications by finding additional ways to use your creative ideas.. Qualifications are angular. Cadent houses don't have qualifications, they just try to hang on as best they can. Moreover, cadent houses don't "use" anything very much. They have no idea how to use them. To do this, you might form associations.

      ~ Kim Falconer's notes from the future . . .

      You may also have to cope with powerful parental conditioning. Well, NO. And now the problem has become clear. Pelletier is subordinating the house to the planet which is in it. I really wish that would get thrown out. A lot of other folks say that Saturn is Daddy.

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      Planets are qualities. They are never persons, nor things nor places nor anything concrete. The Sun is authority. The Moon is receptivity. Put the Sun in 9 and, other things being equal, if you make an effort you will become an authority on religion, or philosphy, or foreigners, or travel - or astrology, etc. If your Sun is in 9, these topics will occupy a lot of your time. My father left school in the 9th grade. So far as I can tell, he was only semi-literate.

      He was born, raised and died Catholic. His one big trip in life was to move from Minnesota to Kansas shortly after he got married. Where he stayed. He never visited me while I studied at university, where I spent five years.

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      He had no interest in languages, nor foreigners, nor did he ever meet any, so far as I am aware. Houses are concrete areas of life. People, places and things. Daddy has a house.