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It also follows the movement of the planets as to whether you receive positive influence or negative influences through them, much like in Ancient Greek mythology. Vedic astrology was documented by the Maharishi Wise Men and appears throughout Hindu scripture.

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A big difference between Western and Vedic astrology is the existence of Rahu and Ketu. Appearing in Vedic astrology , along with the same celestial objects in Western astrology , is Rahu and Ketu. Their existence, according to Hindu mythology , is a result of a demon being decapitated.

Rahu the head became immortal while Ketu the remaining body was left as a mortal. They became enemies of the sun and the moon, and it is said that Rahu and Ketu swallowed up The Sun and The Moon , thus causing an eclipse. Rahu and Ketu are considered to be invisible planets but really represent the North lunar node pole and the South lunar node. There are twelve signs in the Zodiac , each one belonging to certain Malefic and Benefic planet. Not only that, but some planets are neutral in the signs.

The planets hold different meanings depending on your personal astrological signs.

3 Remedies for Malefic Planets in your Astrology Chart

For example, someone could have Mars as a Benefic planet due to their Zodiac sign but someone else could have Mars as a Malefic planet due to their Zodiac sign. Here is a list of astrological signs and their types of planets :. Malefic planets — Mercury. Neutral planets — Saturn , Venus and Mars. Benefic planets — Saturn , Venus and Mercury. Malefic planets — Jupiter , The Moon , and Mars. Neutral planet — The Sun.

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    Why is Tamil month Purattasi known as Ancestor month? What is Purattasi Tamil month? April 11, Total Views : Previous Next. The following table is useful in analyzing results of the main period mahadasha and sub period antardasha or bhukti :. If badly placed and weak Will bestow average results with misfortune during unfavorable transit influences Functional Benefic Functional Malefic Will cause mild sufferings Functional Benefic Functional Malefic.

    Transiting planets are studied with reference to the natal chart ascendant, in relation to the original position of the planets in the natal chart, and not with reference to the natal Moon sign. Significant events are triggered by the transit of planets over the natal planetary positions. Whenever a functional malefic planet transits a weak natal position, it triggers an undesirable incident concerning the planet and the house involved.

    This is more so when the weak natal planet is also weak in transit. Any house whose lord is weak is treated as a weak position. The afflicted planets and houses are those planets and houses with which the functional malefic planets form exact or close conjunctions and aspects. The result of a particular house will be influenced by a transiting planet when it is near to its Most Effective Point, depending upon its functional nature whether benefic or malefic.

    The impact of transit functional malefics is on both functional malefics and benefics. The subjects governed by the planets are their general and particular significations. The significations of a functional benefic planet are harmed when it transits the natal position or close aspect of a functional malefic planet.

    Whenever planets in transit form conjunctions amongst themselves, the events occur depending upon their functional nature in connection with the house with reference to a particular ascendant. Whenever the functional benefic planets transit auspicious natal positions, they trigger happy incidents.

    During the main periods of the functional benefic planets, benefic transit effects are more pronounced, while malefic transit effects are mild. Similarly, during the main periods of functional malefics, the benefic transit effects are mild while the malefic transit effects are more severe.

    Reading transit results: The sub period lord sets the trends.

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    However, transit effects can supersede the trend results of the sub period lord and create significant events. The malefic effects of slow moving functional malefic planets, i. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, are more pronounced when during the course of their close conjunctions or aspects, they become stationary, or move more slowly as compared to their normal speed. In essence, the sub period planet sets the trend as per its mooltrikona sign lordship, house placement, and other influences on it in the natal chart. Whenever the transit planets — both the functional benefic planets and the functional malefic planets — transit over the natal functional malefic planets, then the significations ruled by the transiting planets suffer badly.

    Whenever a transiting functional malefic planet transits the Most Effective Point, it affects the house in which it is located and all the houses which it aspects. Take, for example, a natal chart with a Sagittarius ascendant. In this chart, the sign of Libra is placed in the eleventh house. Now, suppose the eleventh house lord, Venus, is placed in the twelfth house of loss. Then, during the sub period of Venus, there could be loss relating to eleventh house significations — such as elder brother or income — or, there could be trouble to friends.

    Maleficent and the Malefic Planets in Astrology - Crystal B. Astrology

    Even the death of the elder brother could occur if, by transit, the functional malefics Rahu and Ketu form a close conjunction or aspect to any of the following: 1. The Most Effective Point of the eleventh house. The natal position of Venus. The transit position of the sub period lord, Venus. The key issues in analyzing a horoscope are: 1. Identifying the functional nature of planets in a nativity. The techniques for judging the strength of a planet. The orb of longitudinal difference for judging the impact of conjunctions and aspects.

    Identifying the impact of the Most Malefic Planet. The Most Effective Point of various houses in a chart. How to analyze a chart: Note the ascendant degree, which becomes the Most Effective Point of every house. Underline the functional malefic planets. Identify the conjunctions and aspects within a five-degree orb from each other. Put a circle around the planets and houses that are afflicted due to the close influence of the functional malefic planets.

    A functional benefic planet becomes weak if placed in any of the malefic sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses. Problems are always with regard to the weak, badly placed and afflicted planets or the sub periods of the functional malefics. Short-term problems are indicated by the malefic transit over the weak natal planets. Good results are identified for the significations of the well-placed strong planets having good and close conjunctions or aspects.

    Malefic in the Kendra

    The best thing an astrologer can do is to indicate, in the shortest possible time, the strong and weak areas in a chart and prescribe the appropriate remedies. The problems in life are caused by weak or badly placed functional benefic planets or afflictions to them.

    To help people overcome their problems, the astrologer advises appropriate astral remedies, such as meditation and spiritual practices, color and gemstone therapy, the wearing of a kavach or amulet as a protective shield, and the participation in pujas and yagyas, etc.

    The strengthening astrological remedial measures are suggested for all the functional benefic planets even if they are not weak and afflicted in the natal chart. The strengthening measures provide a preventive cover to the planets against their transit weakness. Similarly, the propitiating remedial measures are advised for all the functional malefic planets even if they are not forming close afflictions in the natal chart. The propitiating remedial measures provide a preventive cover for transit and natal afflictions.

    Exalted and Debilitated Planets

    When planets indicate tragic happenings, people usually do not perform astral remedies to protect themselves against the expected losses. The weakness of Jupiter and the lord of the ninth house is always a contributing factor in this regard. The indications of time can only be modified with the help of the astral remedies. Until and unless the astral remedies are performed, the extent of the services of the divine science of astrology is very much limited.

    The planetary relationships give results as per the indications in case no preventive remedies are performed. This is the chart of the son of President John F.