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They are Bookings for private reading are closed at this time. Thank you so much for your support. I appreciated it. Much love and may God Ancient Star Queen 9 months ago. Since all readings are Spiritual OG 9 months ago. Virgo January Amazing Predictions! Terence Guardino 10 months ago.

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For any enquiry, please feel free to contact me. Facebook contact : andi. Lada Duncheva 9 months ago. Rune Scopes 9 months ago. Please like, comment, subscribe, share. Thank you! Watch the expanded Special Horoscope videoscope for your sign now Reconciliation But January Tyler's Tarot 8 months ago. Baby Come Back!

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January Tyler's Tarot 9 months ago. Unresolved Connection, Virgo! Virgo February Tarot Card Reading Virgo, there are so many new things happening right now, but there is definitely Virgo 7th January Michele Knight 9 months ago. Come visit me on Virgo January Soulmate meetings Michele Knight 9 months ago. Weekly Horoscopes with Michele Knight. This free horoscope applies to the star sign Virgo, born August 23 — September 22, My website: thecmccollective Horoscope, tarot forecast for Virgo, January by psychic, medium Sasha Bonasin. Career, health, relationships, love Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.

The information sheds light on the root cause which can finally be addressed.

More good news- this is going to swing in your favour and you will, at long last, be vindicated. Happy days, Aries! Romance is on the cards in a big way this month, Taurus, buckle up! A loving, passionate and inspiring affair is going to begin or heat up significantly , making you feel all hot and bothered in the best possible way.

Look out for Air and Fire signs especially. Look out for those you feel an instant chemistry and connection with. It could be love at first sight…. Doing things differently is going to make a big, and lasting, difference to the results you get this August. Examine your ruts, routines and rituals… and change them all of them if you dare!


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The more you shake things up, the more likely they are to settle back in a different better position. I know, I know. This August, introduce new distractions and routines to steer you well away from the well-trodden, but dangerous, path. You can break this pattern, I promise. A powerful hand of major arcana cards messages from the Universe, and significant life shifts puts you on course for a BIG month of change and transformation, Leo.

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There is information yet to be revealed which will have a big impact on your mindset, priorities and decisions. Once revealed, a whole new course of action will emerge. Anything is possible… buckle up! Swing a while, enjoy the view, think things through, ask for a different perspective on your situation… something new will come to you, and it will make everything seem a lot clearer. Wait until inspiration hits! You need a rest, a respite, a window of time to rejuvenate and revive your spirits.

Stick or twist? That is the question, Scorpio. Which is more important? Get out there! Creativity is your theme tune this month. The higher you aim the better the outcome so this is NOT about scaling back your ambitions, this is just about being more creative in your approach.