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But you got to make a connection, right? So, what exactly does that have to do with a tragic event that nearly burned down a historic building? According to Adams, it has much to do, as she explains:. Evil did return. Beyond the speculations made by Adams, the mentioned quatrain written by Nostradamus does not correspond to the Notre Dame fire, but to another historical fact. The prophet predicted the agitated and extensive century that followed, which culminated in France invading Italy in and Napoleon proclaiming himself king of it in Nostradamus foretells the long century of upheaval that ensued, culminating in France invading Italy in , following which Napoleon saw himself declared President of the Italian Republic.

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Facebook Twitter Reddit. During this time, young Nostradame was taught the rudiments of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and mathematics. It is believed that his grandfather also introduced him to the ancient rights of Jewish tradition and the celestial sciences of astrology, giving Nostradame his first exposure to the idea of the heavens and how they drive human destiny.

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At the age of 14, Nostradame entered the University of Avignon to study medicine. He was forced to leave after only one year, however, due to an outbreak of the bubonic plague. According to his own account, he traveled throughout the countryside during this time, researching herbal remedies and working as an apothecary. In he entered the University of Montpelier to complete his doctorate in medicine.

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He sometimes expressed dissension with the teachings of the Catholic priests, who dismissed his notions of astrology. There are some reports that university officials discovered his previous experience as an apothecary and found this reason to expel him from school. Evidently the school took a dim view of anyone who was involved in what was considered a "manual trade. At this time he Latinized his name—as was the custom of many medieval academics—from Nostradame to Nostradamus. Over the next several years, Nostradamus traveled throughout France and Italy, treating victims of the plague.

There was no known remedy at the time; most doctors relied on potions made of mercury, the practice of bloodletting, and dressing patients in garlic soaked robes. Nostradamus had developed some very progressive methods for dealing with the plague. He didn't bleed his patients, instead practicing effective hygiene and encouraging the removal of the infected corpses from city streets. He became known for creating a "rose pill," an herbal lozenge made of rosehips rich in Vitamin C that provided some relief for patients with mild cases of the plague.

His cure rate was impressive, though much can be attributed to keeping his patients clean, administering low-fat diets, and providing plenty of fresh air. In time, Nostradamus found himself somewhat of a local celebrity for his treatments, and received financial support from many of the citizens of Provence. There he married and in the next few years, had two children. In , his wife and children died—presumably of the plague—while he was traveling on a medical mission to Italy.

Not being able to save his wife and children caused him to fall out of favor in the community and with his patron, Scaliger.

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In , an offhanded remark about a religious statue resulted in charges of heresy against Nostradamus. When ordered to appear before the Church Inquisition, he wisely chose to leave Province to travel for several years through Italy, Greece and Turkey. During his travels to the ancient mystery schools, it is believed that Nostradamus experienced a psychic awakening. One of the legends of Nostradamus says that, during his travels in Italy, he came upon a group of Franciscan monks, identifying one as the future Pope.

Feeling he'd stayed away long enough to be safe from the inquisition, Nostradamus returned to France to resume his practice of treating plague victims. In , he settled in his home-town of Salon-de-Province and married a rich widow named Anne Ponsarde. Together they had six children—three boys and three girls. Nostradamus also published two books on medical science by this time. One, was a translation of Galen, the Roman physician , and a second book, The Traite des Fardemens , was a medical cookbook for treating the plague and the preparation of cosmetics.

Within a few years of his settling into Salon, Nostradamus began moving away from medicine and more toward the occult.

It is said that he would spend hours in his study at night meditating in front of a bowl filled with water and herbs. The meditation would bring on a trance and visions.

It is believed the visions were the basis of his predictions for the future. In , Nostradamus wrote his first almanac of astrological information and predictions of the coming year. Almanacs were very popular at the time, as they provided useful information for farmers and merchants and contained entertaining bits of local folklore and predictions of the coming year. Nostradamus began writing about his visions and incorporating them into his first almanac. The publication received a great response, and served to spread his name all across France, which encouraged Nostradamus to write more.

By , Nostradamus' visions had become an integral part of his works in the almanacs, and he decided to channel all his energies into a massive opus he entitled Centuries. He planned to write 10 volumes, which would contain predictions forecasting the next 2, years.

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In he published Les Prophesies , a collection of his major, long-term predictions. Possibly feeling vulnerable to religious persecution, he devised a method of obscuring the prophecies' meanings by using quatrains—rhymed four-line verses—and a mixture of other languages such as Greek, Italian, Latin, and Provencal, a dialect of Southern France. Oddly enough, Nostradamus enjoyed a good relationship with the Roman Catholic Church. It is believed he never faced prosecution for heresy by the Inquisition because he didn't extend his writings to the practice of magic.

Nostradamus ran into some controversy with his predictions, as some thought he was a servant of the devil, and others said he was a fake or insane. However, many more believed the prophecies were spiritually inspired.