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Legal Notice. Devi Purana and Padma Purana extol the value of the Rudraksha seeds. The Rudraksha tree belongs to the Elaeocarpaceae family and is as huge as the banyan tree, taking between 15 to 18 years to attain maturity.

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  6. Rudraksha is a fruit of that tree which has a seed covered with pulp and an outer skin. After drying, the skin turns black and grooves appear on the surface running from apex to the bottom, thereby demarcating clear areas called 'Mukha' or faces. Excellent for doctors, Kings etc.

    Saptarishis Astrology

    It gives confidence and alleviates depression can be used during pregnancy. It confers executive and managerial abilities, competence and success in all walks of life besides success in batters. It is excellent for all sciences, technical education, surgery and cures hysteria, fainting, fits and blood related diseases or diseases of the private parts. People do not wear this Rudraksha, but keep it in their cash box.

    The deity is Das-Avatar Vishnu where each of the ten faces represents one of the Vishnu avatar. It confers political power, minister ship, headship of institutions and favor from government besides intelligence, wealth and a good healthy life.