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Sedna's perihelion suggests her purpose is to bring forth that which has been hidden or latent; supporting the emergence of the long-suppressed feminine principle in the world; and the participation of females equally with males in all walks of life; prominently, openly and without fear, abuse, prejudice or exploitation. With the return of the feminine principle we also have the return of respect for all life—all species of life.

A planet's nodal axis is created by the intersection of the planet's orbital plane and the ecliptic plane. This axis can be thought of as a magnetic pointer, motivating action in a particular direction— from the planet's south node theme to its north node theme.

The descending south node stars reveal the nature of that which we must bring forth and express through the theme revealed by the Ascending north node stars—to apply the south node theme through the north node theme. Sedna's unique orbital tilt causes Sedna's North Node to lie not much further from her perihelion in ecliptical longitude.

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Sedna's path continues from its perihelion in sidereal Gemini, and emerges from south of the ecliptic to north exactly on the Leo cusp—prominently and proudly stepping into new and unexplored teritory and onto the world stage. The cusp of sidereal Aquarius is marked by the wing of Cygnus the Swan, which extends from Sadr, the heart of the Swan, to Gienah, the tip of the wing. We also have the Veil Lacework Nebula residing on the wing near Gienah as well.

This point in the ecliptic is where we are motivated to strip off the cloaks of personality-based facades and shenanigans to reveal true heart-level self and to live from our deeper hearts' truth for the greater nourishment of all. Sadr, the heart, and the wing of Cygnus lifts us from a self-centered exclusive focus to a more embracing and inclusive level of participation.

This marks the start of the true humanitarian facet of the zodiak. This Quasar inspires us to enter deep within self and to bring forth our unique substance and soul essence that is of true value to each other and to the world, rather than projecting just superficial skin-deep appearances or false facades common to earlier sidereal Capricorn. Here we are motivated to demonstrate our capacity to participate with true humanitarian vision, with interest for all rather than for the manipulation of an exclusive few.

The fortuitous influence of Sadalsuud, Beta Aquarius, which conjoins Deneb Algedi, tail of the fish-goat, marks the end of sidereal Capricorn. Sadalsuud expands our interests and concerns to our greater human family. Sadalsuud, marking the shoulder of the waterbearer is the luckiest in the kingdom of worldly affairs. Fortuitous Sadalsuud and Deneb Algedi entices genuinely wise, articulate, unique, and beneficent leadership. Sadalsuud is also of fortuitous outcomes, rewards bestowed, and can indicate a fortunate destiny, but also imparts a sense of responsibility inherent to a person in such a position.

Kitalpha of Equuleus, the little foal, conjoins Sadalsuud. The stars of Equuleus lie north of and straddle the cusp of Aquarius. According to R. Allen, some mythologists associate Equulei to Celeris, the brother or son of Pegasus, presented by Mercury to Castor; or Cyllarus, given to Pollux by Juno; or the creature struck by Neptune's trident when contesting with Minerva for superiority.

Kitalpha and the stars of the little foal bring a quality of freshness, lightness, swiftness and vigor to the communicative and fortuitous nature of the last few degrees of sidereal Capricorn, like that of young children.

Planet Sedna ~ Resurrection Queen

They also indicate a distinguished and successful position, and impel a focus toward the wellbeing of the young and new generations to come. The stars of Piscis Australis, the southern fish, delineate the body of humanity. Beta, Zeta and the stars of southern Tucana add a loquacious and gregarious quality.

Together they impel a need to speak for the support of humanity regarding humanitarian issues. This is also the exalted location for Mars in the sidereal zodiak, indicating a stimulus for creative action and audacious leadership. It is where Mars has a heightened and illuminated expression. This also means that Sedna's South Node disposes its disposition to Mars by exhalation, which lies in Aquarius conjoining Hydor of Aquarius see Sedna's discovery chart below. This means Sedna's experiential past, the wisdom she has gained throughout her journey, empowers and supports a higher refined expression of Mars.

Hydor, Lambda Aquarius, lies in and guides the stream of the flowing waters of the humanitarian waterbearer. Hydor simply means water. Like the stars of the urn from which the waters flow, Sadalmelik, Sadachbia, Seat, Zeta and Eta, Hydor is a fortuitous star. This zodiacal location is also related to Varuna, goddess of the water's of life, who invites us to allow nature's way to weave its course. The stars conjoining and forming the Urn of Aquarius produce one of the purest areas of resonance in the ecliptic and one of the most fortuitous—the Angel Point of the Zodiak.

All of these stars are favorable of work and pursuits that have of an amorphous and watery character, that support progressive movement, flow and change, that tend to equalize and dissolve boundaries. Sedna's South Node articulates a leadership capacity that is able to make decisive decisions and to formulate resolute ideas, ideals and visions that serve to awaken and elevate human consciousness into an evolved societal modality, with consideration for generations to come. It especially emphasizes agreements and declarations in formal ventures and professional pursuits.

It impels a wise and eloquent articulation of information and knowledge, which may express as fortuitous news supporting new beginnings for ourselves and for others. It expresses the capacity to have ebullient trust in the flow of serendipitous events. The Lion faces west in the zodiak, with its head looking over the Cancer-Leo cusp. The starts creating the Lion's head are of breaking trail, exploration and new discoveries.

Subra, marking the sidereal Cancer-Leo cusp, is the paw of the Lion impressed in the desert sand. Subra is of prints, tracks, plans, codices and ancient maps—clues to hidden trails and paths obscured by the sands of time. Subra indicates a discovery process is at hand, one leading to the secret chambers, entryways, even to liftoff sites of the gods—places hidden from ordinary view. Simply, Subra asks that we dig, explore, uncover, and find that which has been obscure over time. It is also of archeological exploration. Pyxidis, a sub-constellation of the Argo, is the Crow's Nest or compass of the galactic ship.

The stellar qualities of Pyxidis ask us to peer far beyond the common world to navigate through potential problems or obstacles upon our exploration. Pyxidis inspires us to seek to bring what is hidden behind the obscuring fog into visible sight. It impels us to take an abode, place, vantage, or perspective from which we can see and find distant lands. Pyxidis indicates a process, one that requires patience, foresight, and astute perceptual attentiveness. Although this often is a lonely process, it is one serving our greater evolutionary journey, and as well, the journeys of our colleagues and companions.

Pyxidis has little interest in the superfluous pursuits of the common world, always seeking new ground, looking forward, gazing ahead through time, to see through the present limitations into the depths of what can yet become. Synthesizing with Subra and the stars of Pyxidis is the primary star of the very southern constellation Pictoris, the Painter's Easel.

This is a picture assembling itself as we break trail in our discovery process. Try The Karma Quiz Now!! After the marriage although she was freed by her father, he left her to die so that he could save his own life. Thus Sedna is reflective of all kinds of sacrifices and hardships. Similarly the Sedna asteroid is considered to be very informative in aspects such as the journey through life. The analysis of Sedna asteroid not only tells about the problems that might come up in the future but it also suggests ways to avoid these problems and emerge as victorious.

One may catch hold of many experts who can help with Sedna Astrology but these experts are considered to be very expensive and difficult to approach. The ones who are easily approachable and cheap are not very trustworthy. In many cases there is no guarantee of veracity of the analysis that online calculators make. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Sedna Astrology Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 The Sedna astrology analysis calculator presented over here is, however, without these problems.

This near-Earth asteroid, orbiting between Venus and Mars, is now known to be a companion, and an unusual one, of the Earth. The Cruithne were the first Celtic racio-tribal group to come to the British Isles, appearing between about and B. They were a matrilineal people, tracing royal lineage and inheritance through the female line and, in pagan times, had worshiped the mother-goddess of fertility. By historical times, they had come to reckon descent patrilineally, by the male line, hence, their traditional descent from Conall Cearnach, one of the legendary heroes from early Irish literature.

Conall Cearnach is ultimately a male-manifestation of Brigid later St. Brigid , the original mother-goddess of the Cruithne. The Cruithne of Scotland are the original Albans and they are commonly referred to as Picts. The Picts were an equestrian warrior aristocracy of the classic early Celtic type They were the last of the Cruithne to lose their matrilineality. This happened during the ninth and tenth centuries the Cruithne of Ireland had lost theirs centuries earlier.

My Cruithne is in my 7th House. I have gone over some significant dates and one event comes up every single time— someone from my distance past shows up or calls. He was born in Berlin. In , I could not begin to imagine that I would be a regular visitor to that city. When it was in Gemini in September crossing my 3 Gemini planets, I saw a woman whom I had not seen since the s and a man that I had been with for 28 years but had not seen for 10 years knocked on my door.

I was shocked each time. Now to my Point of Transforamtion conjunct Cruithne: Around , it was first surmised that there was a connection to ancient tribes, especially those with Irish-Scottish connections, cave drawing and ancient roots.

For the past 14 years, it has been a part of my personal transformational process to find my past life roots, some evidence of a previous existence on this planet— drawings in a cave, something that I buried to be dug up in this lifetime, the old monastery in southern Germany, the old castle in Ireland. Every year, when I travel to Europe, I look for some clues.

It is the search that is really the catalyst for transformation, as far as I am concerned. This is a quality that is so pronounced in my nature that there must be a connection. As for the tattoos, I have 3… so far. When I printed out my transits to Cruithne, I discovered that, in , when Uranus sextiled Cruithne, I embarked upon an ongoing journey to find out who am I, totally in terms of the distant past and a past life. At this time, I discovered that the Koiner family had its roots as early as with Jacob Keinoth in Winterlingen, Germany.

A family history was written in , before the wars. It was in no significant outer planet transits at the time that I went to Winterlingen and knew when I saw monuments to WWII heroes that these were not my people. During that month in , Cruithne was in fast retrograde motion, passing its Return in my chart. On the same trip, I found my spiritual and past life home and a place where another side of my family originated… Mittenwald, Germany. This town has an old history of making violins and this part of my family, in America, is famous for playing the violin… not classical, Johnson Mountain Boys and Blue Grass.

Later, when Cruithne returned and crossed her natal Jupiter, ruling her 3rd House cusp, she talked to her biological brother for the first time. I am not sure of the connection with adoption but it seems significant. Her natal Mars and ruler of the 7th exactly opposes her natal Cruithne. Her adoptive family never really accepted her in the ways that she was different, very right-brained. With her biological family, she found the acceptance and the common thread of personality traits. Why I say that the element of adoption is significant is that another woman, with Cruithne in the 11th as the tight Apex of a Yod, gave up a child for adoption when Cruithne exactly crossed her Sun in Aquarius and Saturn was trine her natal Cruithne.

I had earlier questioned this woman because she is an expatriate living in Eastern Europe. When she arrived, she knew in her heart that this was home — Neptune was sextiling her natal Cruithne!

Libra Ascendent - The Agent (Natal Libra Rising)

The quest had begun but it would be another 10 years before this relocation was possible. The relocation date was not significant but the original trip, the trip that triggered the quest, was significant. On August 15, , I received an e-mail from a woman who was looking for her cousin, lost to her for many years due to WWII. This cousin is mentioned on my website so, when googling her cousins name, her name came up.

Even one uncle, who was thought to have been killed on the Russian Front, was alive with a large family. Capricorn told me that, leading up to the contact, she had been going through old closets and drawers, throwing out old memories from her past. So, this contact was another connection with her past.

My first thought went to an article that I wrote in the early s on the New Centaurs, specifically on Cruithne, as this Centaur has been significant in connecting me, in my own life, to my roots, my lost family and my past. This is the interpretation that I sent to her:. Your Cruithne is located at 6 Pisces. The transiting Pluto is trine your Mars and your Cruithne all year. Your progressed Sun is very close to Cruithne.

Your Solar Arc Moon is trine Cruithne. The Transiting Cruithne has been going back and forth over your IC. It was wonderful.


There is such a feeling of connectedness. When her cousin wrote to me, the transiting Moon in Pisces was crossing her Cruithne! However, the transiting Moon was crossing my Cruithne when I sent this information to! Mars opposing Cruithne often causes deep rooted anger in connection with a lack of family roots or family ties. I have observed that this anger can sometimes be projected onto others who may have very strong family ties, ties that the Mars-Cruithne person is missing. Capricorn responded to my comments about Cruithne opposing Mars: Yes, exactly!!!


To me, those people seem to be so narrow-minded, only centered in their own, small world. When visiting them, one always feels excluded, unwanted, like an invader in their small, common world. This is why most of my friends really are not like this! Okay, not everybody is like this, not in my generation. The few of my former friends who had children, educated them quite differently, freely, and were glad to have somebody to take care of them sometimes!

I never understood this! Quaoar is also a Transformational Object, taking years to orbit our planet. It is the Transformation that occurs after a loss, death or other emotionally painful event. When Quaoar opposed my Moon in Gemini, the loss of my mother was incredibly painful.

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This is a woman whom I had known for my entire life. Yet, out of the ashes of this pain, I grew in awareness and personal empowerment. This transit affected a healing in my family relationships and this, too, was very empowering. By the time Quaoar left the opposition to my Moon December , I no longer felt the pain of loss. I created new traditions for my father and myself. I have been able to move on. I felt once again abandoned but, as the square became exact, I finally began visiting her, since the trip was only 4 hours from my home.

This became a regular and transformational journey. The transformational healing occurred because JoeAnne and her husband treated me so special, I learned about Nikkon magnets which I feel have saved my life and I began having regular Cayce Spa treatments. When Quaoar squared my Ascendant, an important friendship suddenly ended. This was so painful but I realized that we both needed to move on in different directions. I truly began feeling my feelings at this time. I discussed the transits of Quaoar with friends.